Athletic training for everyday people.

Noosa based functional group training and open gym for all ages and abilities.

About Us

Located in Noosa

We’re a passionate and dedicated team, driven by our vision to build an engaged community of educated athletes. Providing motivation, confidence, support and coaching to assist members in becoming fitter, faster and stronger within a safe and well-equipped environment.

We Focus On Athletic Training

Here at Vision, we believe everyone deserves the right to…

✔ Run and move pain free.

✔ Walk and hike without getting tired.

✔ Play sports like they were 10 years younger.

✔ Be proud of their body and what it can do.

✔ Have the ability to be better every day and never feel like they’re too old, too sore or too unfit to enjoy a healthy and happy life.

✔ Enjoy their training and the community they do it with.

Our mission is to turn everyday people into athletes.

How? We use a variety of training that targets our 4 key areas of athletic training:
1. Strength
2. Endurance

3. Skills
4. Recovery

Our class system is designed to expose you to these 3 key areas in every session. We systematically build up your strength, while improving your endurance, balance and technique. Our built in recovery ensures you’re never over-training, always feeling fresh, rested and ready to go!


Detox & recover with our brand new infrared saunas.


Single – Member                   $15

Single – Non-Member          $17.50

Couple – Member                  $20

Couple – Non-Member         $25


The best of functional fitness




Hypertrophy and body-building focused, with higher volume reps. This class will run through a well-rounded workout targeting all muscle groups assisting with increased muscle recovery rates and decreased CNS (central nervous system) fatigue.



Focus on the 4 big ‘rocks’ (bench press, deadlift, squat, and strict press). This class is designed to build strength and skill emphasising those multi-joint movements, through percentage based progressive overload.


A blend of movements designed to increase athletic performance. This class will focus on working sets that challenge balance, reaction time, unilateral strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance. 


 Focused on progressing a new skill each month, with elements of CrossFit style movements. This class will follow a structured progression towards a new skill each block. The class will begin with mobility & warm up, then ease into skill progression exercises, followed by a 15-20 minute intensive workout. 


Highly social class centered around a team goal or time limit to cap the week off on a high note and bring out some competitive spirit.


Focus on calisthenics movements. Social sunday class with circulating focus on handstands, muscle ups, planche, and front lever work.


Focusing on bodyweight and mastery. Working on all aspects of bodyweight training, from working towards a push-up, pull-up, muscle up, handstand, pistols, planches, levers and more!


90 minute class dedicated to being highly creative and providing a uniquely designed olympic lifting program. This class focuses on the long game and is jam packed full of mobility work. 



Glute lab focuses on building a stronger core and shapelier glutes through targeted exercises. You’ll also work on developing a strong core for good posture, balance and overall health.



No lock in contract*      $69 p/w

6 month contract*        $60 p/w

Full-time student contract*   $50 p/w

                 Open gym*                  $35 p/w              

     Open gym drop in*           $15            

*Terms & Conditions apply



No lock in contract*       $50 p/w


No lock in contract*       $25

*Terms & Conditions apply


*Open gym membership is subject to a compulsory 45 minute training assesment at the cost of $70. Once said assesment has been passed, open gym membership is granted. 

Expert instructors

Meet Our Team

From left to right, our team members:

Ash Jones – Gymnastics +

Briony Challis – Move coach & CrossFit specific coach

Shane Webb – Director & manager

Tristan Oort – Director, head coach & athletic development trainer

Mia Dalzotto – Strength & movement coach & personal trainer

Rob May – Strength & movement coach

Not pictured:

Claire Wilson – Strength & hypertrophy coach & personal trainer

Carissa ‘crusher’ Schumacher – Longevity & teen development coach

Skye Taylor – Director & social media manager

What People Are Saying

I can’t recommend these guys enough. I’ve been training here for a few months now and it’s incredible how good I feel. I was a total beginner lifting weights and all the trainers helped so much to improve. They are all so passionate about what they do that you can only feel motivated to come training.

Luisa Bender


I’ve been training at Vision Performance for about 3 months now and I’ve seen my body & performance change so much already! I’ve been a runner for the past few years, i haven’t done much strength training before and the difference it’s made in my running is incredible. I feel stronger & faster, it’s such a good feeling!

I’ve also never been to a gym where the sense of community was so high! Everyone is inclusive & encouraging of each other. We even have coffee together after class most days. I’m really happy i get to have fun training and feel part of the Vision community. 

Florence Lemyre


Vision Performance Training is not just a gym it is a community. I consider the gym my second home. I have been training with the guys since they opened. The classes are varied and a great all round workout with a mixture of strength and cardio. All the instructors at Vision are highly passionate and qualified. I could not recommend it more as a way to improve your body and generally feel healthier and stronger.

Errico Hu


I’ve been training at vision for 6+ months and have been in and out of gyms for 10+ years.
The team at vision have a great atmosphere. Probably the most chilled and welcoming gym I’ve been a member of. That’s a credit to the coaches but also the other members. A great mix of classes and memberhsip options. Would recommend especially if youre ‘intimidated’ by the whole gym thing. Top guys and girls

Tom Ayling


By far the BEST gym I have ever been to! I have been training at Vision for 3 months now and am the strongest I have ever been. I love the classes so much, all coaches are extremely knowledgeable, kind and caring. The community is also amazing inside the gym and out and as of such have made many new amazing friends since training at vision. Appreciate you guys!

Eliza Kohler


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